Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Booties

My newest grandson is quickly approaching 4 months. I figured it was past time I dust off my sewing machine and whip him up some baby booties. Despite the fact he has adorable toes, in the evening the air is chilly and those adorable toes need to be covered. This is the first pair I whipped up and added a little zebra bow. They are lined inside with airplane fabric that is soft and comfortable. 
The second pair I created turned out really cute. Until I realized I had sewn the heel wrong. I will have to create a new pair because I don't think the booties will be comfortable for the (right) foot. Can't have the little guy in tears because his adorable feet are not comfortable. I love the contrasting color of these booties with the bright red button. Wonder what else I could do with one bad bootie? 
The third pair I whipped up, I think by this time I had realized what I was doing and doing wrong.  Did I mention when I spoke to my daughter, she informed me the baby has wide feet and 4 inches long. These little booties would not fit, they are 0-3 months. How could I have sat all day long and sewn baby booties prior to making sure his little feet would fit these little baby booties ?
 They are really cute ! 
What is it about taking pictures outside during the day that is so refreshing? I was lucky enough to snap this shot prior to the night sky falling. This is actually on the side of my yard and the little booties sat up on the fence all in a row.  Looked really precious seeing all these little booties all lined up. 
I did manage to whip up this adorable pair of baby booties for a little princess. My grand daughters have since outgrown the baby stages. They do grow up quickly.  Maybe I can see if I can't make the pattern larger and create bath shoes for my grand daughters. Or perhaps Diva Bath Slippers. Oh, that sounds so much better. 

L-R Andrew, Mirenne in pink, Taylor in aqua and Aaron. Anthony is in the back in the white t-shirt. This photo was taken at the park while we were all together celebrating Taylor's 4th birthday. 
I feel totally blessed to have such awesome grand babies. Look at those precious smiles. Whip out a camera and they all become so silly, alright so does Oma :) 

Everyone participated in making a silly face except little Taylor. She just sat with an adorable smile across her face. I get a chuckle out of the silly faces every single time. I love being an Oma !

Here is Kristina (my last little girl) and baby Luke. Look how adorable he is. Isn't he something special ! 
All the grand babies have the cutest little button nose and butterfly lips. I have no idea where they ever got those features from... 

Enjoy your blessed day and craft up something special in your home !

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