Saturday, June 23, 2012

DIY designer floor in a snap !

 DIY designer floor in a snap !

See this floor, yuk ! Right? This is what my children and myself have had the pleasure of walking on for almost 9 months now. The cracks are so bad in this tile that when I would try to wash this floor the tile would come up.

It was a never ending struggle of putting the pieces of broken tile back. Talk about hurt toes as well.. OUCH !

Look at what I did in less than a few minutes.. 

You are never going to believe what this is on the floor.... are you guessing right now ? 

I love this pattern and it comes in all sort of designs, it's durable too. 

The designs are endless and boy did it sure ever change my floor in just a few minutes per tile. 


Make sure you clean your tile floor with vinegar and water. You can do this per tile as you go and use a clean rag to wipe all the dirt back up, after a really good cleaning. If you have a steam mop, this would work just as well. 

Take your designer packing tape and start laying down tile by tile. Stand back and you have instantaneously created a brand new floor for yourself. 
Call some of your friends over, serve wine, cheese, and have designer packing tape party. LOL 

I am going to keep doing my floor until it's completed.  This is the designer packing tape I selected. I fell in-love with the design and my kitchen cabinets are white. Having this on the floor means that now I can paint the walls a very deep burgundy which will set off the whole kitchen.  

My appliances are black as well, so having this on the floor gave my floor a whole new look. I am going to have to Google on how I can seal each tile, but I am sure I will find a way... 

Run and give your tile a make-over ! 


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Thank you
You should see my floors, totally awesome to say the least. Has a shine like no other shine I have ever seen. Just wet mop and that is it.

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