Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sewing inside my studio today.

Fabric Flag Banner 

Today I decided to try sewing a fabric flag banner. I have seen these online prior and thought (since my sewing skills are so advanced) NOT.. that it looked very easy to cut out and sew and put together. I figured that I would probably spend about an hour if that and be done with the whole project and stand back and just admire my work. 

I will have to ask my mother, but I think I must of flunked kindergarten cutting. I found that I need some form of a tool to make cutting fabric easy. Using my scissors didn't help me, no matter what pair I picked from. The end result of cutting each piece turned into a hair pulling event. 

As you will probably notice, there are only "7" fabric flags. I think I must of flunked counting skills too. There was suppose to be "8" flags and not seven. I used a wood chop stick to turn the corners. I used bias tape as well for the top trim of the flag. I had to iron that flat and then sew it on both sides after I pinned the whole flag together. 

This would be adorable for any little girl who is turning "7" and would be cute on a decorated table for a party or hanging up just as it is. 

Here is a close up look at the fabric for this flag banner. 
I still think it turned out adorable, regardless of the missing flag. LOL .. I have so many scraps. I will have to take pictures, drawers full of scraps. This was one of the reasons I wanted to try to sew one of these fabric flags. This, and the fact I ran into the mother load of bias tape last year at a garage sale. A 5 pound bucket full of bias tape for $5.00. I have seen bias tape, but didn't know how to use it. I went ahead and purchased all this bias tape (like I needed anything else for my studio) and the bias tape has only gathered dust since I purchased it all from the garage sale last year. 

A new pacifier clip 

Ok, so the hair on my pacifier clip reminds me of the movie that Tom Hanks was in where he was on a deserted island for like 10 years.. Remember that ball he use to talk to ... 
I wanted to try something different today and see how it turned out. The wooden ball is an all natural wood. 
The fabric is actually black with white scrolls. Just noticed the white almost looks blue. 

I think I will try to create birthday toppers using this ball and see how that project goes.. 

Hope you follow along tomorrow to see what else I am trying to sew. 
Thanks for reading today :) 

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