Thursday, April 14, 2011

Along along came One Adult Child

You remember holding them, rocking them, watching them grow and grow. Kissed all those bumps and lumps and boo- boo's. Gave baths, read stories, helped with homework. Cooked, cleaned and did fun things during the summer. Attended all the sports events, cheered until you were horse. Late night giggles under the covers and searching for bugs under rocks. Running around in the sprinkler. His first loss tooth, his first dentist appointment and then his first date, first broken heart.

This is David when he was about 13 months old. That is his bigger sister hiding her face from the camera. That is me, sitting in the chair holding both of my children.

Funny thing is, I was about 24 years old when this picture was taken. This picture was taken at my mothers house while the children and I resided there after my divorce. I needed a good home for the children and I to reside at while I got back up on my feet.

This picture is about 24 years old now. Funny how some things just never change in life.

This is my son's big TV that he has stuck outside for sale. Bringing along this, his clothing off his back and not much of anything else, to return home and live for awhile until he has had time to get back on his feet. His little girl; Taylor will be staying with us as well part time. Lots of "Oma" hugs for sure :)

David just turned 26 in January of 2011.

Taylor playing dress up . Taylor Lee will be 3 years old this June 

It's funny how sometimes life gives you a total repeat of your youth, through your own children. 

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