Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home United vs Divided

Home United vs Divided !

How many times have you caught yourself in a power struggle with someone you love.. It happens sometimes where we strive to really push our thoughts on to someone we love, when really what we are doing is creating a United vs Divided complicated situation. Agree with how I feel and I might understand how you feel.. 

Teaching children is a life long process, this isn't about a home United vs Divided when children are growing up. But what about a teenager... Do you feel your teen has been snatched up by an alien universe and they are turning against you and now creating conflict inside your home.. What about the spouse who refuses to communicate at all..!

Home United vs Divided is where everyone inside the house learns that with conflict or disagreements of any kind, resolutions and goals can be met and achieved. It is not about your way vs my way, but finding a middle ground where everyone can understand the importance of each others feelings, with out being told they are wrong for having those feelings and point of views. It's accepting that God allowed us all to be different and feel and have wants and needs all at different times.. Just because I feel this way, doesn't mean I expect you to feel the same as me.. and vise versa. 

Perception is the key to any conflict, stay focused on what is at hand, take breaks and realize that a goal must be reached to create a home that is United instead of Divided. This applies to marriage, partners, and older children. Write down what you need, share these thoughts with the other person, allow them the chance to do the same. Negotiate on what can be achieved.. the rest is really not that important because when it comes down to it all,  it's working together that is the most important factor of it all.. 

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