Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Coupon Fairy

My husband thought I was a little off my rocker asking him to make up this sign and place it in our front yard.. but the "yes dear" soon followed and here is the sign and box that are out in my front yard.

Sign in my front yard
Pink box with lid, so coupons don't blow away.. 

Today this is what was in my box:

Thousands upon thousands of coupons that were already cut out, good and ready to use.. 

I wonder who my coupon fairy is.... ?? 

I feel like I just won the Coupon Diva Award of the YEAR..!!! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you... I want to give my thanks to the manufactures of my coupons, to my coupon fairy.. to the retail stores.... bla aha ahaa.. 


Finding Charm said...

OMG, that's great. Who would have thought!?!?

Baby Huggables said...

Oh, I know.. I was so surprised to see that many coupons in my box. Someone sure did take a lot of time to cut out all of those coupons.

I wish I knew who my coupon fairy is so I can give him or her a big huge hug and say thank you.

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