Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fathers Day Bird Houses

I am so late catching up, because of an injury to my left arm. Pulled muscles are no fun...  :(

I was  out and about long ago and scouted these adorable plain little bird houses. Believe it or not, I picked up 8 of these little joys. All made of wood. I think I paid $4.00 for all the bird houses.

The night before Fathers Day, all my grand children were here with me, along with my oldest daughter; Melissa. 

We took the paint and all the materials outside onto my other craft table, and the grand children each picked out a paint and used the $1.00 sponge I cut up into tiny hand size pieces.

Each crafting up there own bird house to present with a card to each father for fathers day. 

Each child was so pleased to do a craft and proud of the little creations they had crafted on these tiny bird houses.

<--- This is Taylor (3) busy wiping off the glue on her pink bird house. 

<---- This is Aaron Lee, missing front teeth and all, so proud of his bird house that he hand painted and crafted for his father. 

He picked out orange paint, because he said it was bright and cheerful. Look at all those colored glass beads that Aaron added to his bird house. 

The grand babies loved the colored round stones. I am so thankful while out and about searching around garage sales that I come across certain items. I never know when the things I pick up for next to nothing, will bring so much joy to someone else, especially all my grand babies :)

<--- This is Andrew, so proud to display his bird house for his father on fathers day. He picked out the color green and only placed a few of the colored glass beads on his bird house. 

Look at that smile.. just simply priceless. 

Fathers Day was a huge hit for all the grand babies. Each one so excited to craft and create and as the night grew closer, we piled logs into the fire-pit and roasted marshmallows and giggled. 

Can you tell from the top photo of the bird houses, which one you think belongs to my little Anthony ?  

I have a lot more to catch up, I feel so far behind. I sure hope you will join me again, but until the next time. Enjoy crafting inside your own studio or your home :)


Finding Charm said...

That's a great gift idea. I bet they all did have blast doing that. Never can miss an opp to get your hands dirty in paint!

Baby Huggables said...

Oh, we all had such a super fun time. I sure enjoyed watching my grand babies and my own children make each bird house special and unique.

I forgot to post a picture of our dog, the older girls painted him. lol

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