Saturday, June 25, 2011

Coupon Contest 2

This week, I posted about the Coupon Contest, many of you replied with some very serious reasons why you would like to win this contest. 

Each reply was heart felt and really touched me.
The economy as you know, has taken a hit on everyone in some form or another it's effected us all.
With higher gas prices, the cost of food on the rise, and many other utility companies increasing cost as well. 

Because of this, those who left a reply on my blog will need to contact (Click Here) and in the RE: type in Coupon Contest and copy and paste your blog reply in the email to me. 

EVERYONE who left a reply concerning this contest and who is a registered follower will receive coupons in the mail from me. 

You must supply your mailing address, no PO Box address will receive coupons. 

Thank you everyone who left a reply.. 

Enjoy your day, no matter what you are doing !

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