Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Being a little Girl ...

A customer called upon me to help create some tutu's for her daughters wedding.. I jumped at the offer because I love to help others create special memories and I adore creating tutu's, especially for a wedding.. how beautiful. These are in lemon yellow, how adorable for an outside wedding. 

This little tutu will be worn by a 3 year old.. There is just something about the softness of a tutu, while worn upon a little girl that just screams, beautiful, dainty, child like and make believe... 

Every girl wants to feel like a princess, here below, this tutu I created for my little niece; Addy

Look at her pose, just like a professional dancer and or princess.. 

Several years ago, like back in the summer of 2005, I had a little one year old running around the house.. It was the summer I was to open my little ladies boutique in Tennessee. I had request for tutu's but had no idea how to even make them.. Leave it up to me to sit for days until I realized the trick to the tutu madness.. Once I had figured out one, I was then creating so many tutu's that my living room was nothing but all these beautiful, flowing tutu's that girls just drooled over when they came inside my house..
This tutu will be worn by a 4yr old for the same wedding.

My husband would just kill me if he knew I was putting this picture of our now 7 year old son up on my blog... but here again, another tutu that even my son didn't want to miss out on trying on.. even the wrist band that matched the tutu.

This tutu actually went to one of my grand babies. I cherish this picture of my son, during these younger years, despite he wanted to wear this tutu and the matching wrist band.. A picture for sure that I will always love.. 

My remaining daughter at home, wanted in on the tutu action, so I whipped her up this adorable tutu that she wanted to style with a pair of her favorite jeans.. The face she is making is priceless.. 

I spent hours upon hours, creating this unique tutu, it's full and puffy and full of colors that my daughter picked out.. With ribbon tucked in here and there.. 

Creating these 2 new beautiful tutu's just got me all emotional thinking about all the little girls & boys who have worn the tutu's I have made and created over the years, all the wonderful memories.. photo's and just being able to share in the love of being so young and just being able to embrace that youth...

Nothing speaks more of fairy-tails, fantasy, make believe and wishing upon a star then a simple little girl or boy wearing a tutu.. 

My son when he was younger wearing yet, another tutu that I had created.. pink with little love knots.. despite the blue bike and boy Pj's.. he simply adored wearing these tutu's..

Here he is again, wearing a straight pink tutu

I am glad I own these huge major vases, they sure have come in handy over the years helping me hold up the tutu's I have created. The tutu on the left will be for a 3 year old, the tutu on the right will be for a 4 yr old.. 

Enjoy what ever you are doing today inside your own home or studio . 


MindyMB said...

Love the Tutu pics of your son! LOL. My son doesn't wear tutus but likes to paint his own toes when we paint his sister's toes. I some times wonder what they must think at school when they remove his socks for his brushing program.

Baby Huggables said...

MindyMB, that is so funny. I know my grandson loves his toes painted and he is 6 yrs old. Proud of those painted piggies too :)

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