Friday, May 13, 2011

Unique Crafted Lamp Shade 70's Style

While out tag shopping, I happened to find this smaller lamp shade. Very cute with the little glass beads along the bottom. I hardly paid anything for it but had something in mind on how to change the looks.

For this project you will need:
Supply List:
Craft Paints
Fabric Lamp Shade
Mod Podge
Stickers or Paper Pattern
Paint Brush
Scissors, tiny one's the better

Yes, Mod Podge again, plus a 70's vintage dress pattern envelope. I think I have a hoarding issue when it comes to never tossing out things I think I might be able to use later on.. this time, it was in my favor.

Here is a closer look at the vintage ladies on the envelope of the dress pattern. 

Here is my color of craft paints today.. love the Gold.. a little mixing is all that is needed.

I picked up this little dish at a prior tag sale, little soap and water and it will come clean. 
Mix your paints how ever you please. 

You can lightly and I do mean lightly, damp off the dust on your fabric lamp shade. I was lucky enough that this lamp shade had fabric around the top, down the sides and on the bottom.. So I painted each piece of trim with my craft paint mix, looking sort of different now..

Allow your trim paint to dry, then start on the center pieces.. allowing each to dry fully. Shimmery isn't it.

Upside down and trying to dry.. kind of brought new life to this lamp shade, didn't it.. wait there is more..

I cut out each lady on the vintage dress pattern envelope, one at a time and added Mod Podge to the reverse side of each lady, prior to putting it directly on the lamp shade.. Paper when wet will tear so go easy on this step.. cutting slowly. If you need tiny scissors, you can find them in the make up isle at dollar general for $1.00, never hurts to have these on hand either.

Allow each lady to dry fully in the sun.. You have to use your Mod Podge again to go over each lady, slowly.

One 70's lamp shade that is very unique and oh so shabby chic.. I added this little lamp to my studio. 

Enjoy what ever craft you do today.. 

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