Friday, May 13, 2011

Designing on a slim Budget..

In today's economy, every penny does count. Especially if you have more then just a few mouths to feed at home. I know all about watching every dime. Here are some things you can do if you would like to really take on a room make over on a budget, or do a special craft you have seen inside a magazine.. Don't have those items, no problem.. Here are some tricks and tips you can put to use every single day to save money.

Scout the library for older magazines, or the resell room if your local library has one. 
Join online in your community " free recycle" this is where people post things in your own community that they no longer want or need, you simply drive to pick up the item and it's totally free.. 
Check out your Dollar Tree, they have many things that can use a    face lift, a new paint job, etc. 
Check the local school for a recycle drop

Check out those tag sales in your neighborhood
Shop the isle at Goodwill
Flea Markets
Clearance isles at all department stores
Google" free recycle "and join in on the fun
Check the salvation army close by you, they have all sort of goodies inside just waiting for a new home. 
Garage Sales
Moving Sales
Craigs List offers a free recycle group listing
Curb Side Shopping 

When  you have an idea in your head of how you would like your project or room make over to look. Cut it out of the magazine, or print it off (if you have found something online) carry this with you when you go out on your hunt.. 

Look for the items in your picture. You might find that white chair (as seen in this picture) at a garage sale for a few dollars. Maybe the chair isn't white, but with a $2.99 can of spray paint, you have just saved yourself a lot of money from buying new.

When you go out, make sure you have your craft in hand (photo) or that picture of that room you would like to redo, you just never know what you will run into that you can change, paint or find something close to what you really need that will work. 

Look for fabrics, unique lamps, bird houses, curtains, furniture. rugs, fixtures, dishes and more. Keep your eyes open at all times for items that you could use to pull that room together, or create that special craft. At tag sales or garage sales, never be afraid to dicker with the price. It just never hurts to ask; "will you take this amount for this item".. wait for a reply and say "thank you" if they did offer to drop the price. If you have many items, offer a one shot price for everything.. After all, tag sales and garage sales are going on because the item in question is no longer needed for the seller, doesn't mean you can't snag it for a lesser amount and save yourself money in the long run. 

Hold a community swap, maybe someone else has something that you need right now, and you can make a trade or swap with an item you have in your possession. 

Furniture when purchased outright at retail, is by far the biggest of your amount of money of your budget. So why spend that amount of money when you can turn something not so wonderful into something really wonderful and pocket the savings. Pay close attention to the furniture you might need when you shop tag sales, flea markets, garage sales. Look past the chip paint, the knob missing or the color. Those are all cosmetic things that can be changed and replaced. What if you can't paint.. simply look for decals, or wall prints or fabrics or wall paper. Most things contain a pattern of some form, trim, cut use your mod podge. Be creative in your work of art, this is what it's all about. Saving money and putting your talents to use.  

Have a super fun weekend. I will be back Monday and I hope you will join me. Until then, scout through the pages of craft projects I have already taken on, found inside my blog :)

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