Friday, May 20, 2011

How to sew baby Leggings for Less

You have probably seen these online and or maybe you have purchased a pair for your baby or toddler. Sometimes they are called; Leg Warmers.

They help provide a comfort cushion to those babies who are just learning to crawl around, or during the winter to keep those little legs warmer.

These are super easy to make, here are the instructions:

First you are going to need a super neat pair of long socks. (thanks to my pre-teen daughter for allowing me to use her legs to demonstrate how the Leggings/ warmers are worn ) I don't think these would of fit my legs...

Long adorable sock, thanks to GW and half off day so I picked up this cute pair for .50 cents :)
Shop around and see what long socks you can find.

You are as well going to need a good sharp pair of scissors. As well you are going to need your sewing machine or I guess you could hand sew.

You are now going to cut off the top part of the sock where the sock would cover the top part of your foot and toes.

<------ This part right here

Now cut off the heel of the sock on both pairs. This will form a raw straight edge on both pair of socks.

You are now going to form a cuff, by rolling the raw edge down that you just cut, onto the outside of each pair of socks. I think I rolled about 1.5 inches down.
My fingers are touching the raw edges.

No, your not seeing things.. I forgot to take a picture of a few steps, so I had to whip up another pair. I must be having a blonde moment here in my studio today... imagine that ... !!

Now fold the raw edge back up to meet the opening of each sock, this will form a cuff on each pair of socks. If you are going to hand stitch, you would sew the raw edge to the inside of the cuff at this point, all the way around on both pair of socks. If you do not plan on hand sewing, you will need to use your sewing machine and sew the inner cuff to the raw edge.

(the raw edge is where my thumb nail is touching)  Hard to keep nice nails when I craft and sew as much as I do.. but oh well.. just over look the chipped nail polish :(

Sorry for the darkness.. if I turn on the light to my sewing machine, it gives a super glow because the light is so bright.. but I wanted to make sure you could see this part of the process..

You are going to sew the inner cuff to the raw edge all the way around on both pair of socks. Use a tread that will match your socks.

When you are all finished sewing both, flip the outside of the cuff up, the raw edge that you just sewed will now be to the inside of the sock.

Now these are ready to be worn or given as a gift. I must worn you,  once you get the hang of how to make these baby leggings/ warmers you will be scouting around your house for socks.. I guess you could even use a pair of white socks that are long for a man. You can add bows, lace, anything you would like to embellish as well.

  I added decorative elastic to the top of mine and a red bow.. just to show you what you can add. Or leave them plain as I have with the other  leggings/ warmers.. be creative...

Sewing your own baby leggings / warmers will save you a lot of money. I purchased 7 pair of these socks for $3.50. I think they sell online for around $12.99 on up for one pair..

Please feel free to use this for personal use only, do not use to sell.

Happy Crafting inside your own home today or your studio :)

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