Monday, May 23, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures

Garage sales were everywhere around me this prior weekend. I love it when I come upon a major sale and there are so many things to select from. 

We have had rain the past 13 days out of 19, so when the sun came out, the signs went up and everyone was out enjoying the beautiful weather. 

So here is the list of the wonderful things I found this weekend. These items did not come from just one sale but a couple. 

Vintage plates, 2 of them
One plate has little red roses all along the outside and the other plate, has a spray of strawberries. 

Nothing says summer like these two adorable plates. 

I can see muffins, and all sort of goodies served on these two plates.. I love it when I find vintage :)

Painted Stem ware.. Love it when I find unusual glasses and then later on try to figure out what I can re-purpose them for. 
The solid glass, has a hole in the top, so I am thinking this was used for a ceiling light. I might take one of the vintage plates and use my glass glue and make another desert stand. 

I have collected beautiful tea cups for about 15 years now. I have a whole collection of them, so when I saw this one with the tiny blue roses, I just couldn't resist adding it to my collection. 

Vintage fabric and vintage finger tip napkins.. oh so shabby chic. 

Some of the vintage finger tip napkins have Scotty dogs on them, so adorable. 

The embroidery on the finger tip napkins is so vintage and beautiful. I just love it when I find anything vintage and for a super bargain.. 

I have plans for these... 

I have found several of these sets while I have been out to garage sales, tag sales and as well at the GW. I try to purchase them all when I find them. I love the boxes these plates come in.  They sure are a super cute conversational pieces while having lunch. 

The box represents the different plates that come inside. 

Usually when I find these, there are is no damage to the plates inside, or the boxes. Usually as well they still have the hard paper inside that cushions each plates. Wonder why anyone would ever get rid of these adorable little plates. 

Someone's loss, my super gain :)

Old vintage books.. love it when I come upon a garage sale and see many boxes of books, usually this means one thing.. they are CHEAP.. 

I put one of these old books to use, which you will see later on in another post. 

Well, total spend.....ching ching.. $6.90 for everything.. talk about a huge super savings. 

I am so thankful that I can spot a garage sale 20 miles away.. it was an awesome day for shopping and I love the items that I was able to find and for the total price.. couldn't go wrong there.. 

Return tomorrow to see what I did with one of the old vintage books that I found at one of the garage sales. 

Happy crafting Monday .. in your own home or studio

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