Monday, April 11, 2011

Creating Felt Food for your little one.

Felt Cup Cake; Yum 

Felt Food Wonders

When I was scouting online for play food to create for my little boy. I came across a cup cake that I thought I could make.
At first I was not real sure how to go about doing this.

As it turns out, I ended up sewing a strawberry with green top out of felt to add to the cup cake. 

Since my little boy is allergic to so many foods & is autistic, being able to play with these felt foods is really awesome for him. 

I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Bow Tie Pasta

Felt Cup Cake

Bow Tie Pasta 

Yum, bow tie pasta that he can play with and move around on the plate. 

I made this pasta with felt as well and in different colors. His favorite color is green, so green bow tie pasta was a must to make for him along with white and red bow tie pasta. 

Another Cute Cup Cake 

The final cup cake I made is red felt mixed in with black felt. With red top and white top. 

The ribbon along the bottom makes it the cup cake appear that it is sitting inside a little cup cake holder. 

I can just see a set of 3 of these inside a white bakery box with bow for a little boy or girl to play with for pretend baking and playing. 

Felt Ice Cream Cone 
I know my little boy has really enjoyed playing with the felt food today :)


Melody Schafer said...

Wow these felt foods look so real...good enough to eat :) What a great idea!

Baby Huggables said...

Maybe I should look at these felt foods when I get the urge for chocolate. On second thought, they might make me want a cup cake.. lol

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