Saturday, May 1, 2010

Letting it out and learning to sew

It was not too long ago that I didn’t even know how to sew now here it is years later and the idea of sewing and crafting up new items has become a true passion.

I find sewing is very relaxing for myself and my world for just a few hours a day. Life has been a true
journey since my little guy was born in 2004. I have traveled down a road of the true unknown and I am
very thankful for computers, as the knowledge along the road has been so helpful. 

My little guy stopped eating at 17 months, I ran from doctor to doctor trying to find out what in the world
was going on, worried and almost in tears, I would be told; “honey it’s just a phase” all kids go through
this. I was not a new mommy, I was a seasoned mommy and I knew something was not right. I bounced
from one doctor after another tying to receive help. 

Since then I have fought to find out what is wrong if anything with my little boy.  My husband purchased a sewing machine for me, thinking that I knew how to sew, but the sewing machine sat in the closet for almost half a year before I dusted it off and turned it on for the first time. I still to this day can’t follow a pattern, but what I have created and the products that I have sewn have been a blessing to me, and to those who purchase these items. Sewing and my other (old blog) that was deleted by mistake were like therapy to me. I would sew and sew to let out the stress of not understanding what my little boy was going through, his daily struggles.

I hope you will return and become a guest of my blog and visit here often as I start this new blog
and a new journey on to now knowing that our little guy is autistic.

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