Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nothing like some fresh air

Nothing like some fresh air.. 

I stepped outside the other day, to walk my little wiener dogs, despite it's winter time here. The sky was just simply beautiful. Blue for as far as my eye's could see. 

It's times like this day, where you can breath in fresh crisp air, look up and be thankful for all that is around you. 

I long for summer days, but rejoicing in days like this day where the sky and a little sun, can change the             whole outlook on a day.  

I do long for the beauty of summer to come around. Each year about this time, I start to miss the joys that spring and summer have to offer. 
Feeling the rays of the sun, warm on my face. Singing birds nestled in the tree's around me and butterflies dancing through the air, without a concern in the world. 

Makes me really appreciate what all the beautiful things of this world, in a small simply way, really do have to offer to me, each day !

Have yourself a beautiful day as well...

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