Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paper Flowers

Are you in need of something for that birthday cup cake.. something super sweet to stick into a flower pot as a gift.. Why not create a few paper flowers. Easy to make and kids would love to help with this craft project. 

Tear out 4 pages from an old vintage book. Keeping all 4 pages together. You are going to make 3 circles, one large, one medium and one small. 

Fold your circle in half, then half again. Now open and find the center. Place a small circle with a black marker in the center or hold your center with your thumb. You are going to make a cut almost to the center of the paper, leaving about a 1/4 of an inch, between the next cut to the center. now make another cut, you are going to do this all the way around the larger circle, the medium circle and the small circle. Once you have all your cuts, now start folding each cut to the center, one cut or fold over the other, like a windmill. Then unfold. Do this to each circle. Take the larger circle, and lay it flat, so the folds are facing you. Take the medium circle and place hot glue on the reverse side of the flower and stick this to the center of the larger. (folds or petals will be facing you) hold in place until hot glue is dry. Do the same with the smaller circle. Once all the hot glue has dried. Take a bead, and place a little hot glue on the bead and place the bead in the center of the smaller flower. Take a little hot glue and place the hot glue on the stick, turn your flower over and place the stick on the reverse side of your flower. I ran ribbon down the sucker stick to give it a more happy feel.. 

Make several at a time and place on top of cup cakes, in a flower pot or use for the front of a home made get well card.. a sure way to bring some happiness to anyone you know. 

Happy crafting inside your own home or studio. 

Stay tuned for more crafting with vintage paper from a book tomorrow.. 

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