Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heads Up

"Heads Up"

When traveling the last time with my youngest son, I looked behind to see one tired child asleep inside his car seat. His head was all leaning to one side of his car seat, neck was all crooked and he just looked so uncomfortable.

As soon as we returned back home, I whipped out some fabric that I thought he would enjoy and started to create what I now call; "Heads Up".

Heads Up provides a comfortable way for infants, babies and toddlers, as well as older children like my son a soft 100% cotton couture fabric pillow that wraps around the back side of the head, providing support to the neck and the big pillows are comfortable for either sides of the head, providing yet, more support for the neck and the head of any child.

What a comfortable way to ride inside stroller, jogging stroller, bicycle cart, car seat, etc.
Heads Up will be offered through our online store, this WEEK.. With a variety of 100% cotton couture fabrics and as well filled with hypo allergenic filling.

Heads Up is machine washable in warm water with low heat dry. 

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